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The purpose of this policy is to provide funding on a first come, first served basis to the members of the Hastings and Prince Edward Occasional Teachers' Local.

A fund of $6000 is available to members to access for Professional Development courses or workshops using the following guidelines:

1. Members may first apply to the Professional Learning Chair for a maximum of $200, per member, per school year until such time as the fund is exhausted.

2. The Professional Learning Chair presents each request to the Executive for consideration and final approval before the awarding of funds.

3. Members will be compensated for a maximum of 50 % of the cost of their course(s) and/or workshops(s) or a maximum of $200, which ever is the lesser amount.

4. Members may apply to the Professional Learning Chair and Executive, in writing or by email, providing the receipts, name, brief description, starting and ending dates for all costs of the course or workshop(s).

Classroom Management
For all teachers, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario offers the booklet "Head of the Class: A Supplement of the Occasion to Lead”. This booklet includes useful topics on classroom management, creating a positive environment in your classroom, effective discipline and emergency lesson plans to name a few. To access this booklet, please go to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario website, and click "File Attachment” for your copy of this booklet filled with practical ideas for your classroom.

Please watch this website and the newsletter for further information and sign up dates. If you have any other ideas for workshops or discussion groups/topics please let me or another member of your Executive know.

Sabrina's Law. The Provincial government enacted Sabrina's Law on January 1, 2006. Sabrina Shannon was a grade 8 student who died of a severe anaphylactic reaction to a food she ate. 

Sabrina's Law requires: 
  • Training for school staff on dealing with life-threatening allergies on a regular basis
  • Creating individual plans for students who have anaphylaxis allergy
  • Having emergency procedures in place for anaphylactic pupils
A very informative and necessary step in educating ourselves to anaphylaxis can be found at the following link, which was established by the Provincial government

Please take the time to complete this 30 minute workshop and print out your record of completion.